Time collection Reports viewed Anytime, Anywhere Custom Time and Attendance Reports

The VALUE of being Web Based

Reports are accessible on any computer, anytime.

Labels may be added or modified easily and frequently.

Infinitely scalable
- Multiple Job Sites
- Multiple Clients
- Multiple Providers

The VALUE of being a Service

We perform all the related IT tasks.

We create/modify reports to meet your needs

We coordinate your hardware requirements

Time & Attendance for the Mobile Workforce

Custom Time and Attendance (CTA) is a web based Time and Attendance service that uses proprietary software to help companies manage their mobile workforce.

Using Oversight Inc's proprietary mobile app, you will be able to monitor each employee's payable hours in real time. The app also provides the ability to include a GPS location with each scan.

The collected data can be easily exported to your existing management systems. This will greatly facilitate payroll, invoicing, and regulatory compliance, including the revised Federal Labor Standards Act and the new Affordable Care Act.

In addition to collecting the payable hours, Custom Time and Attendance provides the following:

  • Specific job site hours.
  • The non-job site hours (lunch, travel, breaks, etc.).
  • If crews were used, their composition.
  • An immediate alert capability, if an employee fails to report as scheduled.

Customized Time and Attendance was designed to support many different types of businesses, including:

  • Temporary Staffing
  • Construction
  • Janitorial
  • Farms
  • Security Guard
  • Event Management
  • Landscape
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Property Management

The hardware used by CTA is rugged and cost effective. It is selected for each client and may include Smartphones, iButton readers, Biometric devices, etc. Using our Service you can even mix and match the hardware to suit each individual job site. The hardware can be easily deployed and redeployed as frequently as necessary.

Oversight's Customer Service Reps will work with each client to configure their setup to meet their specific data collection and reporting requirements.


Basic Features

  • Records,Stores and Reports an employee's hours.
  • Permits you to clearly identify and fix the inevitable "missed punches".
  • Permits collected data to easily flow into other managment systems, e.g. Quick Books.
  • Permits use of existing Smartphones or Tablets.
  • Includes both hardware and software.
  • Pricing dependent upon hardware selection.

Mobile Features

  • Replaces paper with legible, consistent and always accessible hosted data base.
  • Permits you to collect not only arrival and departure times, but also job cost hours, piece work performance, cost centers, etc.
  • Monitors all your mobile workers regardless of the jobsites they are working.
  • Reports multiple job sites and organizations consistently.
  • Installation is amazingly easy.
  • Operation is almost fool proof.


Authorized Managers have access to a wide variety of interactive reports.

Cloud based so they can be accessed from any internet enabled device. (Tablet, smartphone or computer)

Reports include detailed, summary, trend, graphical, and exception.

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